Primordial Software Group has extensive experience with building and deploying redundant business critical systems though compute clustering and high-availability solutions to ensure that there is no single point of failure. Rest easy knowing that your critical systems will be up when you need them most.

Some of the things we work with regularly in these capacities are:

  • Replicated and distributed filesystems

  • Ensure that your data is always available. Never mind 4am file server maintenance windows. Do them at 10am, with the C.E.O. in the office. No one will even know, because they just kept on working without interruption.

  • Redundant network infrastructure

  • Bad cable? Vendor firmware update borked the switch again? Ensure that there is always more than one data path between every critical piece of kit in your datacentre. Besides being a safeguard against equipment failure, the extra connections can also be used to increase your total data throughput capacity.

  • Compute clustering

  • Where the applications allow for it, spread the load across multiple servers to increase total operational capacity. When the specific workload isn't readily distributable, use a cluster to maintain an automatic fail-over backup system.

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